Getting ready on the floor in front of a big mirror

My dressing table of dreams

I think most girls dream of a dressing table of some kind. Whether it’s a full walk in wardrobe with lights and swooshy rails, or a shabby chic console table adorned with vintage perfume bottles, I think most of us ladies crave our own corner of the world to get ourselves ready in.

My white shabby chic dressing table in the bay window of our bedroom

I always remember the ritual of watching my mum get ready to go out. I’d sit cross legged on her bed straight from the bath and in clean pyjamas, and I’d watch with intrigue as she applied her make up and selected jewellery from her many trinket boxes. I still remember what it was like to sit beneath that cloud of perfume (usually Lancome) and dream about being old enough to get all dressed up like that. I think there’s something just gorgeous about the ritual of being able to sit down somewhere pretty and take off the day, or to beautify yourself for a special occasion.

I had a lovely dressing table when I lived with my parents. It was white ‘Belgravia’ style console table, and I had the matching chest of drawers (which I still have today). When I moved out of my parents’ house and in with my then boyfriend (now husband!), there wasn’t space for my dressing table. I gave it to my mum to use in their new house when they eventually downsized from my childhood home, and it’s still being happily used today in her new bedroom.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting ready on the floor for the past few years! It wasn’t so bad in our old house as we had carpet in the bedroom, but we’ve still got the laminate wooden flooring the previous owners left in our new house.

Getting ready on the floor in front of a big mirror

They also left us a custom made chest of drawers in the bay window, which was incredibly practical storage wise but not really our taste. I was in the way of all my husband’s things, he couldn’t get to his clothes and would have to clamber over me, and to top it off I was getting bad knees from having to kneel on the floor! #Firstworldproblems, hey. So, with a little gentle ear bending to the husband, it was finally time to get me the dressing table of my dreams!

Before we moved house I always dreamed of having a dressing table in front of a beautiful bay window, with stained glass and a pretty view. All of that natural light flooding in, and something beautiful to look at when I first open my eyes in the morning – my side of the bed is closest to the window! I spent hours and hours poring over Pinterest and Google looking for the perfect style. I wanted something pretty and vintage-y but without being overly fussy; something with drawer space but still feminine and delicate.


I ended up going for the Juliette range at Bedroom Furniture Direct. It was super easy to assemble, and I’m proud to say I did it all myself! I ordered the beautiful upholstered stool, which is super squishy and comfy, and I went for the triple mirror. I absolutely love it! I plan to slowly replace the rest of our bedroom bits and bobs with other styles of white furniture, as I like the look of mix and match furniture tied in with a colour theme.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have noticed a fair bit of dressing table spam lately – I’m kind of not sorry though! Even getting ready for work in the mornings feels so much nicer now that I can take my time and sit at my dressing table. Especially when it’s light outside; we have a beautiful big tree right outside our window, and I’m really enjoying watching the changing leaves dance about as I get ready.

At the moment I’m storing my brushes in one of our wedding jam jars, but I think once my Diptyque candle burns down I might use the empty holder. I got the silver cotton wool pad and bud holders from a local shop called Mooch many years ago, and I still absolutely love them. It’s also the perfect place for my Jo Malone collection to sit and look pretty; they really do have the most lovely, elegant packaging, don’t they?


I love having a place where I can really take my time to look after my skin and carefully apply my make up, it feels like such a treat. I’m so happy with it!

Lucy x

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