Wreath Making Workshop

Oh hey, blog of mine! I’ve made a conscious decision to write here more. I kept getting disheartened because people don’t seem to read blogs anymore and prefer microblogging via captions on Instagram, and without having the magic 10K followers swipe up feature in stories, it’s hard to drive traffic here… but actually, that’s not what it’s all about! It’s about my online diary, my place to write and document and express. Which is why I set this up in the first place!

So yesterday was the 1st December, and what better way to kick off the season than with a lovely bit of wreath making! I have wanted to go to a wreath making workshop for years, but can never afford them in the run up to Christmas when all my spare cash is going on presents and decorations. I usually make do with a supermarket wreath, so I was absolutely over the moon when my lovely Insta-friend Jen (the.house.that.jen.built) was asked to go to a local workshop and offered to take me as a plus one. How sweet is that!

I’ve made some lovely Insta-friends that live really close to me, and it’s so nice to have our little WhatsApp group where we chat about all things Instagram and give each other help and advice. I was super excited to see these lovely ladies again, and to be in company where they wouldn’t roll their eyes if I asked them to take a photo eight times to get that perfect shot!

We went to a gorgeous venue called 17 Love Lane (seriously, how gorgeous is that?) which is part of an old disused railway… something or other… all I know is that it was beneath the arches of the railway and was so beautiful inside. Arches, exposed brick, neon lights, real log fires and velvet curtains. The event was run by Agnes & Bee and Fig & The Wild, which are both run by the lovely Kate and Alison and cover floral styling, event styling and events. I have always wanted to create a really wild, etheral sort of wreath, and as soon as I saw their Instagram pages I knew they would be perfect.


We were treated to the most glorious brunch I’ve ever seen! Think of the continental breakfast at the fanciest hotel you’ve ever stayed at… then make it even nicer. Cured meats, cheeses, gorgeous artisan bread, fruit, home made banana & honey cake, Belgian waffles and smoked salmon canapes plus a whole host of other beautiful food was laid on for us, plus Buck’s Fizz and prosecco. I mean, what more could you need?


After brunch we went to a table where we all had a wreath ring, cutters and a box full of moss. The very talented Kate showed us the practical techniques we needed for stuffing and binding the ring with moss to make a base, and then showed us lovely creative ways to build up the decorations on our wreaths. The amount of foliage available was unbelievable, with tonnes of eucalyptus (smelling ridiculously amazing!), rose gold asparagus fern and gorgeous little bunny tails.


I absolutely adored this part, and found the whole thing really mindful. Getting my hands dirty and filled with nature, Christmas songs playing and the scent of cinnamon wafting across from the dried decorations was simply sublime. At one point I was standing up wiggling from side to side to All I Want For Christmas Is You, because how can you sit still when Mariah comes on?!



The lovely Lucy & Jen making their wreaths


The ribbon table was a spectacle in itself… for someone who loves ribbons as much as I do, it was pretty much heaven.


Et voila! My finished wreath! I am SO proud of this, and so pleased that I get to hang something on my door that I made!


{the top of the wreath had flopped down here and I didn’t notice when we took the photos… I’m trying so hard to not let it bother me but I’ve got a serious eye twitch going on over here…}

And here she is on my door! Isn’t she a beauty?


Kate & Alison run all kinds of workshops, events and supper clubs; so if you’re local to Liverpool, check them out. I’ll definitely be going back to one of their events again in the future!

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