We had IVF… and it didn’t work

When I go through something, I write about it. I always have done. I’ve kept paper diaries and journals since I was a young child and the pages consisted of “had smiley faces for lunch in school it was good”, through to “*insert emo band lyrics here*” in my teens, an online diary within a … Continue reading We had IVF… and it didn’t work

Fringe Benefits: How to style and maintain a fringe

Ah, the fringe (or bangs, if you're from the other side of the pond). The Marmite of the hairdressing world. Most people I come across seem to either vehemently love or hate a fringe, or have some horror stories of having one cut too short or trying to grow one out. Image via Google One … Continue reading Fringe Benefits: How to style and maintain a fringe

My Cambridge Satchel: a love letter

My ultimate favourite bag for the weekend (and every day really if I'm honest) is my Cambridge Satchel. Oh, I have deep love for my satchel. I have always had a penchant for the more traditional things in life, including satchel style bags. I remember going to buy my first bag for University and wanting to really nail the creative student look, so I bought a brown corduroy satchel from Accessorize to go with my corduroy jeans, checked shirt and Converse (it was the early 2000s, guys!). There is something just so elegant and timeless about a satchel and that cute, preppy look.