IVF & Infertility: 12 Months On

We have just passed a year since our first attempt at IVF failed, and it got me thinking about the emotional (and physical) rollercoaster we have been on. I get asked often how I'm coping, where we're up to and how I deal with it in my day to day life... so here's an update. … Continue reading IVF & Infertility: 12 Months On

Mojácar, Spain

We got back last week from our lovely holiday in Mojácar, which is located in Almeria, Andalusia on the south coast of Spain. It has Moorish heritage and architecture, and is also part of the only desert region in Europe. I've never been anywhere like it before, with its tan arid landscape and cacti everywhere. … Continue reading Mojácar, Spain


"Oh, aren't you lucky!" It's a seemingly innocuous phrase that most of us use fairly frequently. It's usually uttered when someone tells you about something they're doing or have that sounds fabulous and that well, quite frankly, you'd like too. I've been ruminating over it a lot lately, and I've decided it's not a phrase … Continue reading Lucky